Tickmill forex cashback from Cashbackcloud

Forex trading has surged in popularity, leading many traders to search for ways to maximize returns and minimize costs. One effective method is through cashback programs offered by trading platforms like Tickmill via services such as Cashbackcloud. This review provides a detailed analysis of the Tickmill Forex cashback program through Cashbackcloud, examining its benefits for both novice and experienced Forex traders.

Tickmill’s Forex Trading Services

Tickmill is a reputable Forex broker known for its competitive trading conditions and wide range of financial instruments. Here’s a deeper look at what Tickmill offers:

Trading Platforms

Tickmill provides access to the MetaTrader 4 platform, acclaimed for its advanced trading features, robust security measures, and user-friendly interface, making it suitable for traders of all experience levels.

Account Types

Tickmill offers several account types to cater to different trader needs:

  • Classic Account: Suitable for beginners with no commissions and spreads starting from 1.6 pips.

  • Pro Account: Aimed at more experienced traders, offering lower spreads starting from 0.0 pips for a small commission fee.

  • VIP Account: Designed for high-volume traders, providing the lowest spreads and commission rates.

Understanding Cashbackcloud’s Cashback System

Cashbackcloud is a service that partners with various Forex brokers, including Tickmill, to offer cash rebates to traders. This section explores the mechanism and benefits of the cashback system.

How It Works

Traders need to sign up for a Tickmill account through Cashbackcloud to be eligible for cash rebates. The cashback amount depends on the volume of trades executed, and it is paid directly into the trader’s Cashbackcloud account, from where it can be withdrawn or used for further trading.

Benefits of Forex Cashback

  1. Cost Reduction: Rebates effectively lower the cost of trading by returning a portion of the spread or commission.

  2. Increased Profitability: With lower costs, traders can increase their overall profitability, even in times of low market volatility.

  3. Risk Mitigation: Cashback can serve as a form of risk mitigation, providing a financial buffer that can protect traders in losing trades.

Market Trends and Data Analysis

The trend towards cashback and rebate programs has gained significant traction in the Forex market. Data from industry reports indicate that brokers offering such incentives see higher client retention rates and increased trading volumes. User feedback on platforms like Cashbackcloud shows high satisfaction levels, with traders appreciating the added value these rebates provide.


Tickmill, in partnership with Cashbackcloud, offers a compelling proposition for Forex traders looking to enhance their trading efficacy through cashback rebates. This program not only helps in reducing trading costs but also bolsters traders' confidence by providing financial returns on their trading activity. For traders seeking a reliable Forex broker with added benefits, Tickmill’s offering through Cashbackcloud is worth considering.