FXTM Rebate 80% of IB Revenue - Forex Brokers

In the intricate world of forex trading, where brokers and traders strive for optimal profitability and efficiency, the introduction of rebate programs has revolutionized how trading costs are perceived and managed. Among these innovative offerings, FXTM's rebate program stands out, particularly for its generous offer to return 80% of IB (Introducing Broker) revenue to its clients. This unprecedented move not only underscores FXTM's commitment to providing value to its traders but also sets a new benchmark for the industry. This comprehensive analysis explores the mechanics behind this lucrative offer, its implications for traders and introducing brokers, and effective strategies to leverage this program for maximum benefit.

Unpacking FXTM's 80% IB Revenue Rebate

FXTM, a leading force in the forex brokerage industry, has made waves with its bold initiative to give back 80% of the revenue generated from introducing brokers to the traders themselves. Introducing Brokers are affiliates who refer new clients to brokers, earning a commission in the process. Typically, this commission is a portion of the spread or commission paid by the referred traders. FXTM's decision to rebate a substantial 80% of this revenue to traders significantly reduces the cost of trading, providing a direct financial benefit to both new and existing clients.

The Impact on Traders

Direct Cost Savings

The most immediate benefit of this rebate program is the substantial reduction in trading costs. Traders who sign up through an introducing broker can see a significant portion of their trading costs returned to them, enhancing their overall trading profitability.

Increased Trading Activity

With reduced costs, traders may find it more viable to increase their trading volume or experiment with new trading strategies that previously seemed too cost-prohibitive, thereby potentially increasing their market exposure and profitability.

Strengthening Relationships

This program also fosters a stronger relationship between traders, introducing brokers, and FXTM. By offering such a substantial rebate, FXTM not only rewards traders for their loyalty but also incentivizes introducing brokers to promote FXTM's services, creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

Implications for Introducing Brokers

Enhanced Competitive Edge

For introducing brokers, FXTM’s 80% rebate offer provides a compelling selling point to attract new clients. In a market where traders scrutinize the value proposition of different brokers, the ability to offer direct rebates from trading costs can significantly enhance an IB's competitive edge.

Increased Client Loyalty

Clients who benefit from substantial rebates are more likely to remain loyal to both the introducing broker and FXTM. This loyalty translates into sustained commission streams for the introducing broker and continued business for FXTM.

Encouragement of Ethical Practices

By aligning the interests of traders, introducing brokers, and the brokerage itself, FXTM encourages a business model that prioritizes the welfare of the trader, promoting transparency and ethical practices within the industry.

Maximizing the Benefits of FXTM's Rebate Program

For Traders

  • Vet Your Introducing Broker: Ensure that your IB is reputable and offers clear communication regarding the rebate process.

  • Understand the Terms: Familiarize yourself with the specifics of the rebate program, including payout schedules and how rebates are calculated.

  • Strategize Your Trading: Consider how the rebate can impact your trading strategy, possibly allowing for increased trading volume or experimentation with new strategies.

For Introducing Brokers

  • Promote Transparency: Clearly communicate the benefits of the rebate program to potential clients, ensuring they understand how it can reduce their trading costs.

  • Leverage Marketing Tools: Utilize FXTM's marketing tools and support to effectively reach out to a broader audience.

  • Monitor Client Satisfaction: Engage with your referred clients to ensure they are satisfied with their trading experience and the rebate program, fostering long-term loyalty.


FXTM's groundbreaking move to rebate 80% of IB revenue to traders is a game-changer in the forex brokerage industry, setting a new standard for value and trader-centric services. This program not only benefits traders through direct cost savings but also enhances the competitive edge of introducing brokers, fostering a healthier, more transparent trading ecosystem. As the forex market continues to evolve, FXTM's innovative approach to rebates serves as a shining example of a brokerage that truly prioritizes the interests of its clients.