In the dynamic world of forex trading, where the quest for maximizing returns remains paramount, loyalty programs stand as a beacon of appreciation, rewarding traders for their continued trust and engagement. Among such initiatives, the FXTM Loyalty Cashback program distinguishes itself by offering tangible rewards that directly enhance trading profitability. This detailed exploration delves into the terms and conditions of the FXTM Loyalty Cashback program, aiming to provide traders with a clear understanding of its structure, benefits, and strategic ways to leverage the program for optimum advantage.

Introduction to FXTM Loyalty Cashback

ForexTime (FXTM) has crafted the Loyalty Cashback program to reward its traders not just for their trading volume but for their enduring partnership. Unlike conventional rebate schemes that focus solely on trading volume, FXTM’s program is designed to offer increasing rewards over time, emphasizing the value of a sustained relationship. This progressive loyalty program is structured to provide cashback to traders in a tiered system, where the benefits escalate with the trader's level of activity and duration of engagement with FXTM.

Key Terms and Conditions


  • The program is open to all registered FXTM traders who have accepted the Terms and Conditions and explicitly opted into the program.

  • Traders must have a verified trading account with FXTM.


  • The Loyalty Cashback program is divided into several tiers. Each tier offers different cashback rates, with the rates improving as traders progress through the tiers.

  • Progression through the tiers is based on trading volume and the duration of the trader's engagement with FXTM.

Cashback Calculation

  • Cashback is calculated based on lots traded on qualifying instruments. Different instruments may have different rates of cashback.

  • Trades must be kept open for a minimum duration, typically over a minute, to qualify for cashback.


  • Cashback is credited to the trader’s account weekly based on the trades executed during the previous week.

  • The cashback received is withdrawable without any additional conditions, offering direct value to traders.

Benefits of the Program

Direct Financial Rewards

The immediate and apparent benefit of the FXTM Loyalty Cashback program is the financial reward. Traders receive cashback directly into their trading account, which can either be withdrawn or used to fund further trading activities.

Encourages Trading Activity

By offering cashback based on trading volume, the program incentivizes increased trading activity, potentially leading to greater market exposure and opportunities for profit.

Rewards Loyalty

FXTM’s tiered system ensures that the most loyal and active traders receive the highest rewards, aligning the interests of the traders with those of the brokerage.

Strategies to Maximize Your Loyalty Cashback

Stay Active

The more you trade, the more you stand to gain from the program. However, it's crucial to maintain a balance between increasing trading activity and adhering to your trading strategy and risk management principles.

Monitor Your Progress

Keep a close eye on your progress through the tiers and understand the requirements for advancing to the next level. Sometimes, a slight increase in trading volume can significantly boost your cashback rate.

Diversify Your Trading

Engaging with a variety of qualifying instruments can not only diversify your trading strategy but also maximize your cashback potential, as different instruments may offer different cashback rates.

Regularly Review the Terms

FXTM may update the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Cashback program. Staying informed of any changes ensures that you can adjust your trading strategy accordingly and continue to maximize your rewards.


The FXTM Loyalty Cashback program represents a significant opportunity for traders to reduce their trading costs and enhance their profitability through direct financial rewards. By understanding and strategically engaging with the program’s terms and conditions, traders can significantly benefit from their loyalty and trading activity. FXTM’s commitment to rewarding its traders is evident in the thoughtful structure of this program, which not only incentivizes trading volume but also values the duration and quality of the trader-broker relationship. As you navigate the complexities of forex trading, the FXTM Loyalty Cashback program stands as a valuable ally, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between a broker and its traders.